Information Technology Services

> IT Vulnerability analysis
> Information security consulting
> IT Security planning and infrastructure
> IT & Technical Governance
> Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
> Database and Application Management
> Business Intelligence Dashboards Management
> Performance Management Tool
> Campaign Management Tool
> Network Resource Management

> Cloud Infrastructure
> Revenue Assurance
> Transport Capacity Management

Telecommunication Services

Implementation Services

> Training Services
> Project Management
> Network Planning and Optimization
> BSC/RNC Integration and Commisioning
> MME, S-GW, P-GW Nodes Integration / Re-homes (MSC, RNC/BSC, BTS, NodeB eNodeB/NodeB)
> T1s transport augmentation
> Provisioning and Mapping (TDM/ATM/IP)
> Switch Translations and Routing

Performance Services

> System Monitoring
> Tier 2 and OSS support
> E-911 and roaming partners testing/verifications

Optimization Services

> Coverage boundaries adjustments
> Frequency returning and parameter adjustments
> Site Integration & Drive testing

Packet Data

> Implementation Support for MME, PDN, GGSN, SGSN
> Initial Design for IP Transport/Backbone
> Optimization/Forecasting and Traffic Analysis
> Performance of MPBN

Planning / Design Services

> Planning and Design
> Proposals and Evaluations
> Capacity Planning

Consultancy Services

> AWS Cloud Solutions
> Artificial Intelligence (AI)
> Internet of Things (IoT)
> Machine Learning (ML)
> Blockchain
> Smart Cities and Smart Campuses

> Java Springboot
> Informatica b2b
> Cisco SENSS
> IoT using Arduino, Raspberry PI
> IBM Cognos
> Lightspeed, Websense
> Mobile Platform Training
> Azure
> Ethical Hacking
> Devops
> Groovy Scripting
> TDD with C#
> SAP GRC/HCM/DMS/Solutions
> SANS For578: Cyber Threat Intelligence
> UI Path RPA Tool
> SFDX and CLI
> Palo Alto

Riu Global Services Pvt Ltd also imparts in


As the name suggests, simulation training is the creation of a trueto-life learning environment that mirrors real-life work and scenarios. Trainees can put real knowledge and skills into practice not just by reading books on theory or listening to lectures, but through physical, hands-on activity.  This type of training is so effective as it takes into account several of the learning styles preferred by different learners. Not everyone learns visually, or through auditory materials, and simulationbased training also considers the needs of kinesthetic learners who flourish through practical exercises.


We build eLearning programs to improve employee performance, increase revenue, and reduce training expenditure, to help you maximize your return on training investment. Regardless of the tools and technologies used, our eLearning solutions include a mix of dynamic content, rich media, and opportunities for learners to apply knowledge in a virtual environment.


Despite the growing popularity of completely autonomous training content, companies continue to invest more dollars in physical or virtual instructor led training by a significant margin. We maximize the investment in this training method through significant personalizations of the learning experience, which match the demographics, skill-level, and time constraints of the learner. Our end-to-end service includes:
> Custom PowerPoint decks and guides for learners and facilitators     > Job aids that the learners can utilize as reference tools
> Creation of virtual training labs and recording for remote access     > Activity guides that promote audience participation    
> Trainer selection and facilitation     > “Train the Trainer” sessions

Training Milestones

More than 10000 professionals trained

200+ Days V-ILT courses developed

450+ days C-ILT courses developed

500+ Assessments done

100+ Simulation Based training Modules designed

4000+ hours of telecom trainings done

Helped 200+ professionals to crack certification programs